BRAINSPIRATION COMES FROM more than thoughts and words, but action from inspiring processes and people!


Overwhelmingly careful cultivation - harvest of good fruits - selecting perfect almonds - special fermentation and drying - excellent produce - taste of delicious pure final products - deliver as per your requirements.


All this done by an inspired, creative and experienced team of people who has the mission to provide the purest and traditional chocolate taste to the food industry and ultimately us consumers worldwide, bringing nutritional and functional benefits in its natural state from so called "superfoods".


Our team includes farm carers, production and quality controls, sales, marketing, packaging, logistics and distribution specialists to make things happen as per our customers needs and fairly sharing results amongst all the devoted stakeholders.


  • Organic agricultural system called Cabruca - see pictures below

  • Cocoa trees are naturally grown in farms in harmony with the rainforest and other local cultures such as

      bananas, pineapple, coconut, mango and spices

  • Quality certifications

  • Inspired people