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April 6, 2018

Hello to all of you!
Hope this message finds you well.
On our previous news we showed a picture of a cocoa tree and asked if you knew what kind it was.
So, 3 lovely people answered Trinitario and 2 others Forastero, which are the most abundant types of cocoa in the traditional cocoa belt of South Bahia in Brazil.
However, the one from the picture is a hybrid of both Trinitario & Forastero native 58 years old cocoa tree, so everyone is somewhat right. You should all get a chocolate treat, thanks for participating!
Did you enjoy Easter? I want to share some of our chocolate egg production.
We used conventional milk 25% chocolate and organic gourmet coverture 75%, the difference on how they get to melt is evident.
You can see on the pictures the conventional milk 25% chocolate and its “anti-melting” agents. It gets really sticky, never got to melt it, I called it chocolate gum! 😉
And the organic gourmet coverture 75% was delicious to prepare! A lovely texture, perfect workability and deliciously inspiring taste of real cocoa. This is pure food from nature, made out of selected Scavina cocoa beans and its butter, carefully transformed into an exquisite strong natural chocolate solely through mechanical means, no emulsifying agents or chemicals.
If you want a sample, feel free to call me and get one! 
See you soon! All the best, Sabine




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