This is pure kakaw 100%.


From the red and yellow fruits cultivated under the shade of majestic trees this pure cocoa mass is derived from the highest quality of almonds harvested and fermented in an uniquely careful smooth process. This is pure cocoa DNA prepared to release the sense of every flavour and nuance of our living forest. 


The trees are fed with the richest local minerals rock powder containing over 90% of the elements in the periodic table combined with seawater and enriched with Atlantic Rainforest compounds.


Diversity, Sustainability and Quality


Respect for the people who work on the farms collaborating with the conservation of life - in this farm 50% of production profits are shared with the workers.


We love to be connected to inspired people.




Kakaw Liquor 











"Theo - broma - cacao

God's - food - cocoa"

Mata Atlantica


CO2 Neutral




Our Raw Kakaw Liquor has a high concentration of flavanoids antioxidants, which are known to bring anti-aging properties, amongst other health benefits.


Please see below a comparative table of the most well known foods with these properties measured by the ORAC index (Oxigen Radical Absorbance): 


                Our Kakaw Liquor           621

             Dark Chocolate               131

             Milk Chocolate                  67

             Dried plums                     58

             Dried grapes                    28

             Cabbage                          18

             Spinach                           13

             Brocoli                              8.9

             Orange                             7.5


For this reason we classify our Raw Kakaw Liquor as superfood and could be used on your own chocolate formulations.