Raw and Gourmet

      Kakaw Powder











Natural  exquisite rustic and unique manufacturing procedures guarantee that the traditional strong cocoa flavour is developed while the beans are dried by the hot sun, protected by high density clear film with ventilated air flow areas to enhance its composition naturally. This is a very different method to the artificial smoking processes usually practiced.



After roasting the dried cocoa beans in rotating ovens until they achieve a moisture of 1.5%, they are finely milled. The milling process is very sensitive because it has to free the cotyledons entirely from the skin and fibres to provide the ideal smooth mouth feel and only cocoa flavour.



From natural drying, the cocoa beans are pressed to remove fat. The reduced fat cocoa mass is refined into small particles for the production of speciality chocolate products. This 100% Natural Cocoa Powder is milled into a finest powder to prepare inspiring recipes with pure cocoa.





No cholesterol
Mood improver
Stimulates serotonin
Makes adrenaline run faster
Well being feeling








Suggested applications

Good for bakery, confectionery and food & drink mixes.

Cakes, desserts, brownies, hot chocolate, ganache, icing, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, candies, porridges, coatings, ice cream, frozen and dairy desserts.


Dietary Information 

Free from sugar & lactose & cholesterol & gluten

Suitable for special dietary requirements

Not genetically modified