Kakaw Gourmet and Fine Chocolates

Single Origin


All our products come from private farms where the cocoa trees are

carefully cultivated in their "own environment".

This means that these are native and originally grown within the rainforest

amongst other local agricultures, not being planted.


Some of the cocoa trees are over 200 years old, producing high quality

and delicious strong flavour gourmet almonds which go thru a

thorough  selection then specific fermentation, natural

drying industrial milling (for powders) up to manufacturing of speciality



Our mission is to introduce cocoa products and chocolate ingredients 

derived from inspiring natural plantation and manufacturing systems

from its traditional and exciting origin to the world. 


With this in mind we can provide global support and customer service around the clock worldwide.


The cocoa trees are grown in harmony with the native rainforest and amongst other local agricultures like guava, banana, mango and palms, açaí and pupunha, and fine spices peppercorns, vanilla and carnation. This cultivation system is organic and called Cabruca, made in areas where really the environment "plays its own magic". 


In addition, our products are manufactured solely by mechanical means, so no chemicals, no E-numbers, no additional oils or preservatives in chocolate bars.


    Original from the Tropical Cocoa Belt of South Bahia











Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Environmental friendly produce 

Suits wholesale, retail and industry


As Cocoa is really only originated from tropical countries,

we say our products come from the traditional “local” produce.

However, these "local" products become global because of their

quality and friendly service to deliver to your manufacturing facility.


We are also introducing a new chocolate made from a fruit similar to cocoa called Cupuaçu

tastes the exquisite flavour described as a mix of pineapple, walnut and chocolate.


Our ingredients have a strong taste, are rich in colour and provide a delicious texture with its enhanced

pure cocoa fat content.


No use of chemicals in any production steps, which are carefully controlled by inspired people.




100% natural single origin

Local from the original tropical

Cocoa Belt of South Bahia - Brazil

The best for the world!

Dedicated sales and customer service teams to provide global support


Global supply

Local specialities become global 

through efficient logistics